COVID-19 Protocols

We are living in a unique time in history. Who among us would have thought we would ever have to deal with a pandemic of this nature? Yet here we are, and God has been good and faithful throughout this journey.

As we now look toward restarting our services, there are new challenges to be faced. Guidelines and protocols have been mandated by our Manitoba Government that must be followed as we begin to gather once again. These protocols will make our services feel very different. However, they are being put in place for the health and welfare of everyone concerned.

Preliminary Considerations

  • If you are sick, PLEASE STAY HOME.
  • Wearing masks is optional. If you prefer to wear a mask, please do not be ashamed to do so. Please provide your own mask.
  • Children’s ministry will be available a few steps down the road, but not at this time. However, kids are certainly welcome to attend the services.
  • Handshaking and hugging are prohibited as per guidelines.
  • We can host people numbering up to 1/3 of our seating capacity. For CFC, that’s around 100 people in the sanctuary with 50 on each side. All attenders will be recorded and counted as they enter. Should the number exceed 100, extra seating will be made available in the basement.
  • We ask that you collect your church mail during the week rather than on Sunday morning to help maintain social distancing.
  • If, after attending a church service, you test positive for COVID-19, PLEASE CALL THE CHURCH OFFICE IMMEDIATELY.

Entering/Exiting the Facility

  • Everyone is asked to enter through the North (Henry Street) entrance.
  • Everyone is asked to use hand sanitizer as you enter.
  • Upon entering the facility, you will have the option of two pathways created by a row of tables. The path on the right will guide you to seating on the west (foyer) side of the sanctuary. The path on the left will guide you to seating on the east side.
  • Note: Our Seniors are encouraged to be seated on the west side due to washroom accessibility.
  • Only the side aisles will be used to access seating. The center aisle is not to be used at this time.
  • Please do not sit in the pews that are roped off. The pews have been marked off to ensure the appropriate social distancing is maintained.
  • Two families or three individuals can occupy the larger pews. One family or two individuals may occupy the smaller ones. Family members from the same household may sit together.
  • Exiting the sanctuary will take place by sections. Those seated at the back will lead the way. Ushers will direct you.
  • When exiting you are asked to proceed immediately to the parking lot, unless first visiting the washroom facilities


  • Those seated on the west side are asked to use the downstairs washrooms by the fellowship hall. Seniors may use the elevator.
  • Those seated on the east side are asked to use the washrooms in the downstairs children’s area.
  • The washroom in the nursery is to be used only by parents with children two years old and under.

The Services

  • Services will start at 10:30 and be approximately 1 hour in length.
  • While we are working toward live-streaming our services. Messages will still be available online for those not attending the services.
  • Tithes and offerings will be collected in a donation box sitting on one of the tables along the pathway to the sanctuary.

There will be people stationed throughout the facility to assist you and answer questions as needed. Let’s rejoice in the fact that we are able to meet together once again!

The CFC Elder Board