Current Protocols

The remaining Health Orders have been terminated in the province of Manitoba. Masks are no longer required to be worn in public venues, except at the discretion of the individual. Masks are no longer required at CFC but may be worn if desired.

While there are no restrictions on seating, we also recognize that there are those who prefer not to have multiple close contacts and wish to continue to practice distancing. There is a small section on the right side of the sanctuary that has benches roped off so you can maintain distancing, if desired.

You may once again use the coat racks if you wish.

As a courtesy, please check with people before giving handshakes or hugs.

May we all take a moment and express our gratitude to the Lord that we can sit together and see one another once again. May we also remember to be lovingly respectful of the choices and comfort levels of others.

See you Sunday!!