R.E.A.L. for Young Moms

Relationships - Encouragement - Accountability - Laughter


The purpose of R.E.A.L. is to provide a venue to facilitate our spiritual growth as mothers, women, wives, and friends; to encourage one another and grow together. This is a safe and confidential place for women to express themselves without facing the hardships of judgement and harassment.


Above all, we will love God and each other deeply. We will respect and support our husbands. We will encourage their leadership within our families. We will love, nurture and instruct our children. We will empower and encourage other women. We will honor how God made us in His image.


R.E.A.L.  is for Moms with kids from 0 to grade 6. We meet one Tuesday per month from 9:30 to 11:00 am. The dates can be found on the website calendar. Please contact the church office for more information, or visit us on our Facebook page.